Exandas Architecture is an architectural studio established and directed by architect Sotiris Sotirakos.

Throughout our long experience in architectural practice, our studio has undertaken a wide variety of projects, being responsible for the design and the supervision of the construction.

Treating every project with respect, regardless of its scale, our primary goal is always to achieve the utmost functionality through well thought-out and creative solutions in the design process, and consistency in character and style. Projects undertaken include the design of residences, hotel complexes, office buildings, industrial facilities, cultural centers and public premises, exhibition halls and galleries, retail stores, interior design and the renovation of spaces.

Building design and construction is a team effort, and our studio has long-time collaborations with a wide range of expert engineers and skilled technicians, keeping up to date with the latest in building techniques, construction methods and equipment, but always ready to utilize traditional materials and practices wherever appropriate to the environmental and cultural context.

The initial concept is based on functional requirements, while remaining appropriate to the local character. This is followed by a detailed architectural design, in co-operation with other experts, and ultimately by the realization of the project, accomplished through careful supervision of the construction.

We treat every project as a ‘mission to be accomplished’ successfully and with style, fulfilling the owners’ vision as well as the users’ expectations.